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If you watch much TV you have seen the ads for Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig, they seem to be everywhere. If you have ever thought about joining one of the programs or were just interested in knowing the difference, we take a closer look for readers to compare at thedifferent features of the two weight loss programs. Let’s get right to it.

Jenny Craig has a better taste, Nutrisystem is more affordable.

With the Nutrisystem now granting a more vast selection of meals that are to its high-end, frozen “Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours” plan, this choice has gone beyond taste versus money (although the Nutrisystem’s food items that are basic “shelf-stable” still has an observable “yechh” factor taste except if you belong to the class of those tough “Rambo” types who eat virtually anything).

Comparing the costs

Jenny Craig intending clients should expect to pay a sum of $130 to $180 a week while dining on the Jenny foods. Nutrisystem runs as low as $80 per week for their cheapest basic plan (only fresh shelf-stable foods, frozen meals are not allowed).
To those who are not too familiar with the term “shelf-stable”, it simply means no refrigeration is needed. But we should also not forget the fact that a lot of people seem to observe these shelf-stable foods to act tougher on their taste buds as compared to the frozen meals. They find it a bit tougher. If you are a snowflake, you can’t eat this food.

“Jenny Craig Anywhere” is the cheapest plan of Jenny Craig
This is a month-by-month program which costs about $39/month. Although the Jenny Craig anywhere may seem pretty inexpensive, it is good to remember that it doesn’t include food or shipping and handling charges. For example, an entrée on average on the Jenny Craig cost about $6.25-$7.00. Therefore, just a week of Jenny dinners, lunches, and breakfast can set you back to at least $130. Let’s also remember to factor in the necessary grocery items and daily Jenny snacks (such as the fruits and veggies) which can significantly add to the costs.

The next plan of Jenny is referred to as the “All Access Premium Membership”
Membership into the “All Access Premium” goes for $19/month, including an enrollment fee of $100. There could sometimes be discounts and promotions which are available that could also save you money on these said fees.
You’ll quickly figure out that the major cost of Jenny Craig on any Jenny Plans is not their prices but their food prices! Oh, perhaps I have placed the exclamation mark at the wrong position since Jenny food prices are significantly less than some of their high-end competitors which include Bistro MD. Jenny also has both frozen and shelf-stable (which are nonrefrigerated) foods like the “Uniquely Yours” Nutrisystem’s premium plans.
Members of Jenny Craig are given the opportunity to choose a food at their local center or opt to have it shipped to their current home location which attracts an additional charge. Handling and shipping can be as low as $29 depending on the locale and time frame.

The major difference between the two plans (apart from their price tags, of course) is the access granted to private diet consultations. This basic plan that is month-to-month makes room for only one online meeting or one phone interaction with a Jenny consultant, while the “All Access’ program grants you in-person consultations which are unlimited.

Nutrisystem’s cheapest plan is called the “Basic Plan.”
The “Basic Plan” of the Nutrisystem has a monthly fee of $423.06 without any delivery whatsoever. It drops to $274.99 when you decide to sign up for their auto-delivery option. This is a plan of 28 days shipment worth of shelf-stable food (requiring no refrigeration) which is selected for you, which shows that you allow Nutrisystem Select your meals instead of challenging your taste buds with the work (believe it or not, your taste buds will go for the frozen meals). Most shelf-stable foods are very convenient since they don’t require much space in your freezer. The demerits of shelf-stable food are that it generally doesn’t taste as good as fresh/frozen meals, plus, that’s even an understatement.

Nutrisystem Core
“Core” is the second option from Nutrisystem which is also similar to the “Basic” plan, just that it allows you to select your best shelf-stable menu items in place of just having Nutrisystem to send across to you what it feels like. The price tag for this costs $19.99 more than the “Basic.”

The most costly option from Nutrisystem is called “Uniquely Yours.”The “Uniquely Yours” plan of Nutrisystem costs $515.37 per month without any auto delivery and $274.99 with auto-delivery. This is the only Nutrisystem plan that includes your choice of shelf-stable and frozen foods. Be mindful, if you cancel your auto-delivery on any of the listed plans after 2 weeks, you will still be charged.
Once a week, dieters are required to cook lunch and dinner for themselves while on Nutrisystem. Grocery shopping is therefore required not just for fruits dairy and veggies but also for ingredients that are low calorie.
Both Nutrisystem and Jenny Are Great, But What If You Can’t Afford Them?
Nutrisystem has an advantage in that it requires no ongoing or joining membership fees. This, however, means that one-on-one diet support is not offered. Tool for weight loss, articles, and other resources are available through mobile and online apps.

The Food
Both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig have a menu that is similar when it comes to the programs’ prepackaged food. Most people are of the opinion that the option that is frozen tastes a lot better but are too expensive. Jenny Craig has an entrée that costs about $6.99 each. You must be enrolled in the “Uniquely Yours” premium plan for Nutrisystem before you gain access to select frozen meals in addition to the shelf-stable options.
Recently, Jenny Craig combined their dinner and lunch menus to allow dieters gain access to a wide variety of meals. Contrary to this, Nutrisystem still maintains about 150 menu items which are available (mostly in shelf-stable type), while Jenny has a little than a 100.

Regarding nutrition, it can be said that both companies have tried to keep the sodium and calories content to the barest minimum. For instance, the Nutrisystem Ravioli, have a calorie content of less than 300. The sodium content of Nutrisystem tends to be a little bit higher,

Comparing the support
When choosing which of the two components, another important thing to consider is the amount of support you’re looking for. Membership of Jenny Craig includes private consultations with one-on-one meal planning and a toll-free number available round the clock. Nutrisystem also offers online basic tools such as weight log, a food diary and recently, they introduced a mobile app known as Jenny Craig favors dieters who are still in need of face-to-face sessions and more specific guidance.

Which diet is most effective?
Since both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem takes a calorie-controlled approach towards weight loss, you are likely to obtain similar results on either plan. This is possible if you consume the same quantity of calories each day regardless of its source (i.e. Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig lasagna).
The diet you are able to stick with more easily, convenience-wise, taste wise, financially and emotionally, is the most effective one for you. The success you record or achieve on Nutrisystem or Jenny or any other diet is largely attributed to which diet is best compatible with your personality, budget, and taste.

The bottom line…
Nutrisystem is not as expensive as Jenny Craig, but some members see the assistance the program offers as a worthwhile tradeoff. Prepackaged food is the nucleus of the two programs.
A lot of members prefer the frozen meals to be the best tasting meals by a large margin for both companies. Before going for Nutrisystem’s plans that are cheaper, it is good to bear this in mind; they are not tasty and has a shelf-stability of 100%. If you cannot think of what you are likely to eat for dinner tonight, it is a clear indication that you are on the wrong diet plan. But that doesn’t still mean you will stay on it for long.

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